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2019 Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board

               Bus Depot  24×36  Oil


Vals  30×40  Oil

What Minnesotans are saying about this Grant
Painted signs: Vals; “I hope it’s still there!”
“Delicious fast food” “Diner-style burgers”
“The best joint in St Cloud.  The fires have popcorn
salt on them, help fill the to-go bag.” “Favorite
place from my home town! Best fires, mix &
match shakes, awesome”. “Really good burgers
love the food!” “Every trip to STC AIAS a stop @ Vals!”
“When the fires grease soaks though the bag U
know it’s good”.


Sportmen  34×48  Oil

The owner of the Sportsmen sign Don told me
he wanted to restore the neon since some of the
letters are out but could not find a neon artist
willing to come up to Mora to do it. He also
said that originally the restaurant was going to
have a drive-thur and how that would have
been included on the sign. I asked about the
signs condition and he said how they don’t
make them like they use to.


NorShor  24×36  Oil

The history is quite rich in this painting
of the restored NorShor marquee. Quotes:
“Still Standing!” “Many family outings! –
Best popcorn!” “passed every day on the bus
downtown- used to say “Restore NorShor”
now it’s Restored!”


Gunflint Trail  34×48  Oil

This sign holds dear to many Minnesotans all
across Minnesota. On such couple wants to buy
the painting because they are getting married
up there. Quotes: “4th of July penny scramble
held in the park next to the sign” “Went every
winter growing up”.


Below please share comments on your 
memories and feels about one or each of
the signs I painted for this grant.

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Minnesota Vintage Sign : A Visual Survey Photos

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Cynthia Froid Group 2019 Collection

The Cynthia Froid Group Fine Real Estate company in downtown Minneapolis
has used my work for several years. I was honored by them using my work’s imagines
to separate the downtown areas where they sell and show their properties.  The book of
real estate was amazingly beautiful thank you for including me in this publication.

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