About Mike


Mike Welton came to Minneapolis for work in design and ended up immersing himself within the local GLBT and publishing communities. He created a local GLBT newspaper into a Magazine format that is still in print today under a different name. From there Mike continued to work for a large local publisher until he started full time Oil Painting in 1997.

Always focused on his local surroundings, he naturally developed a series of paintings of his first love from the inner city that immediately found gallery audiences nationally. His painted portraits of the Twin Cities most loved architectural icons have sold thousands in print form.

He remains true to his local community by exhibiting through framers markets, galleries, stores and art fairs. He gains influences from the over 100 other artists in the Northrup King Building where he works. Last year he organized and sponsored an “Art For Equal Marriage” show/auction held at the building’s gallery with 80 other talented artists from the Minneapolis area.


To watch a bit on my process, check out this video
produced byTwin Cities Public Television.
It’s part of the MN Originals Programs, thank you, TPT.

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