Artist Statement

I visually translate my urban environment by extracting structural areas and recreating them though color, shadow, and cropping. Density of buildings and their relationship to each other in connection with the atmospheric light are essential elements I use to translate reality into my art.

The geometric forms of windows, letter forms and walls are carefully studied from photos I take to recreate into oil paintings. Discovery of new color and juxtaposing angles develop totally new portraits of the extracted building parts I have assembled into a single designed piece.

Seeing deliberate relationships of parts to make a whole is a main element amassing the development of my work. Color is carefully scrutinized from real shades, tones and hues from photographs I take of my subjects. This interpretation of color bores brand new color characteristic of the urban areas I am depicting with oil paint.

I hope that by observing my work a new recognition for our urban landscape evolves and sparks a respect for new and old building structures.